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Our Team

Fotofast recruits it`s team based on professionalism, experience and camaraderie.

Our team has been recruited from all walks of life which gives fotofast a well rounded, multidisciplinary skill set to suit all of your photographic and business needs. Having multilingual staff from all over the world allows us to communicate effectively and efficiently.

St Bernard Dog Team

dog team, mini, st bernard1
dog team, bella, st bernard
dog team, heidi, st bernard

             Buddy  -  Nana  -  Biscuit  -   Zoya  -  Ginger  -  Baloo

Here is our fantastic St. Bernard team. They all live together in a brand spanking new dog house in Winklematten, Zermatt. Not only do the guys have beautiful new living accomodation and stunning surroundings, they also have underfloor heating, a luxury we would all love to have!

Below are our St.Bernards  information:


Buddy       5 Years old     80 kg
Ginger       7 Years old     66 kg
Biscuit       5 Years old    84 kg
Nana         5 Years old     72 kg 
Baloo        3 Years old     68 kg
Zoya        1.5 Years old   60 kg